The Gurney lips on the swan-neck-state.(Diffuser)

Brainchild & design & Web Publishing Date : November 21, 2012 [ Japanese language ]

(This page is what the text was written in Japanese by November 21, 2012 was translated into English in the May 13, 2016.)

I, but the regulation of this area do not know yet fully, and once posted.

Current F1 bodywork regulation, to allow the next thing.
At the top of the diffuser end, installation of small Gurney lips. (The blue part of the left view)

In order to improve the aerodynamics performance, I want to achieve the fast airflow in this gap.
If, If possible the stay of the swan-neck...
And can reduce the effect of the stay of the turbulence, it will contribute to increase downforce.

(Original text : November 21, 2012)

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