[2017 F1 high nose idea] sketch: 2017/10/07--10/08 / Web Release date: 2017/10/08

[Japanese language]

I do not know the exact technical regulation of FIA because English sentences can not be read.
However, when you look at the nose hole nose of the current Force India VJM 10, it seems that there is a possibility of a flow path under the nose.
Below I will describe the idea of this author.

As the nose of Cobb, the central lower part of the nose tip secures the nose area of regulation.
Then, a nose hole is provided above that. This will provide an airflow path downward to the vehicle body.
This will supply even more airflow to the underside of the car body to improve the aerodynamic efficiency (L / D) of the vehicle.

In the bottom of the car body and the front wing, a ground effect occurs, and the aero efficiency increases.
In other words, the aerodynamic efficiency of the bottom surface of the car body is excellent when downforce is generated.
By raising the tip of the nose, it is an idea to increase the air flow to the lower part of the body and improve the aerodynamic performance.

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