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4-wheel Independence Inertia & Under the Spring Mass damper. by tw

(idea & sketch : June 16, 2016 / Web Release date : June 17, 2016)

This time, the author has devised, but 4-wheel independent Inata.
(Oil damper is also used in combination.)

In previous F1, I watched're using the Inata as pitching controller.
As of this time, I wonder if there was the example of mounting the Inata for each of the four wheels?
In recent years of F1 machine, since there is little opportunity to see the internal unit of the suspension, I do not know.

(It should be noted that, although not shown in the illustration on this page, the Inata there is a caveat.
Inertia is, there is a risk of damage at a rapid stroke.
Therefore, when the rapid movement is, we need a mechanism to slide the weight.
For example, such as the weight is a cylindrical to a double structure.)

The following is a mass damper under the spring.
(This is also, in combination with oil damper.)
bell crank and mass damper outer circumference is the rigid.

Here, it is a system that reacts to sudden stroke.
The upper and lower weight, equipped with a coil spring and oil damper.
In the bump and rebound to alter the damping force.
anyone this item, you want to test in a bumpy circuit.
If the layout frequently jump the curb, it may have an effect.
This than Formula might rally for running on a rough road.

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